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SantaFur - Cayman Islands Humane Society

We are dedicated to collect Christmas Boxes for the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens at the shelter, so they can have a special Christmas this year too. This project is aimed at individuals, corporate companies and even schools - there are multiple ways for you to get involved!


As an individual you can either pledge-a box and drop it off at the shelter or if you don't have time, you can purchase a virtual box and we will do the running around for you.


For schools and businesses, if you passionate about animals and want to help, why not start a competition between the grades / departments or do a school drive where each grade can collect a different items and work together as a team. Alternatively, you could challenge other schools to better your amount of pledges. Email us your details of your drive and we will advertise on this site and our Facebook page.


Our target is for 200 per pledged category and 200 per virtual category (i.e. cat, kitten, dog and puppy). On the right is a visual of how we are to reaching our targets. As we approach closer to deadline date, we will also post the number of pledged boxes delivered and outstanding.

Select a Denomination: CI$50
Min Price CI$0 upto CI$5000

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