How it works

What is Cayman Gift Certificates?

We are an online platform where we have joined together the purchasing of gift certificates and event tickets with the ability to donate to your favourite charities. It provides a comprehensive and effortless way for consumers to purchase or donate, without them having to stress about the details. 

How Does It All Work?

It's easy! All you need to do is search for type of gift certificate, event ticket, or donation you would like to buy or make. You as well as the recipient will receive a confirmation email stating the merchant or charity, as well as the amount. 

Gift Ideas

Gift certificates are one of the most popular gifts to give and we are sure to have the perfect gift to match your recipient’s needs! Why don't you make a donation in someone else's name, and give back to the local community at the same time? You can even surprise a loved one with tickets to an upcoming event!

Gift Certificates

Cayman Gift Certificates are redeemable in-store, have no fees, and never expire*. Our gift certificates can be purchased in any amount, from CI$25 - $5000. Your recipient can spend it right away. The gift certificate can be delivered by e-mail or you can print it at work or home to deliver in person.


Our gift certificates are also available in bulk. They can be delivered immediately or scheduled up to one year in advance by e-mail or Facebook, so you never miss an important date! You can also add gift certificates to your Wish List, or create a Registry to help friends and family purchase you exactly what you want.

Each gift certificate is sent with a personal message and greeting card. We have lots of designs to make any recipient smile--something for every occasion and for every personality! 


Once a gift certificate is purchased you will be immediately contacted via email with the details. You have the option of printing the certificate or accessing the details on your mobile device. As a buyer you have the discretion of choosing whether to utilize the entire amount at once or save some for future purchases. The certificate enables you to purchase any item from the vendor's store. 



Donating to your favourite charity could not be any easier! All you do is choose your charity, choose the amount you want to contribute, between CI$1 - $5000, and then complete the donation. A confirmation email will then be sent to you as well as the charity. No administration fees are taken from our company, so your chosen charity will receive your complete donation.


Event Tickets

We work with many groups organising events on island, so we have provided a platform for them to offer their tickets online. You are able to view upcoming events and purchase tickets to them. After completing the purchase you will be sent an email confirming the purchase as well as an electronic version of the ticket. You can then either print it out or view it on your phone.    
















*Unless merchant has stated otherwise.


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