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Cayman Gift Certificates is the only fast, secure and convenient way to donate to your favourite Cayman charities from anywhere in the world. We offer a free payment porthole, absorbing all processing fees as our way to give back to the community. This allows your favorite charity to receive 100% of your donation, guaranteed.

Cayman Gift Certificates in conjunction with Butterfield Bank (Cayman) and First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) work to bring you the very latest technology in risk management for credit and debit cards, making your transaction completely safe. All you have to do is pick your charity of choice, designate an amount and use a credit or debit card to pay. The charity is notified of your contribution and the money is sent to them within 14 business days. It’s that simple!

Our founder Mr. Robert Hamaty has taken these steps to assist our community’s organizations in receiving more funding and now it is your turn! Check out all of the great charities below that have joined Cayman Gift Certificates and let your mouse do the donating!

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